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Apr 24, 2015

Hey and welcome to 6 things you can do to MAGICALLY make more time in your day! 


I am so happy you are here! Thank you!  Please leave a review and rating to show your love and appreciation that would make me SOOOO happy!


Anyways, I like to make the notes simple and quick to read though because I know we all need more time….ahem, this weeks podcast J


So lets just get down to it!


1. Wake up an hour earlier and get the small things done (lunches, clothes out, shower before the rest of the house wakes up, workout, walk the dog)


2. Fit in 30 minutes of a workout each day. Choose something you enjoy and only something you enjoy otherwise it WON’T stick


3. Stop checking email all the time! 1-2 times per day (limit yourself so you are not consumed by the computer)


4. Put phone in another room or shut it off during work times or YOU times. (Just try it!)


5. Plan for the next day 3 things you want to accomplish and put it on a list. Our brain can only focus on 3 big or small and doesn’t it feel great to check or cross something off the list?




6. Prepare for the next day in the evening or before bed , making more time in the morning for other things. You can make more time for OTHER thing in the morning if you do this!


Thanks for being here with me, I APPRECIATE YOU!


Please share this show if you got awesome value out of it, I would love you even more!


Xoxo, laurenjean


Apr 17, 2015

Being a female can sometimes bring on the most uncomfortable, uneasy, feeling disgusting and down about yourself kinda days. Girls I think you understand what I am saying...


During these days a girl needs a few things to help her relax and chill. 


I am currently in this state of feeling icky right now and I know I cannot change how I feel but I KNOW that I can help myself relax in many ways.  


The first thing that I am drawn to when feeling overwhelmed and out of control of my feeling is turning to my friends. Without my friends I might just spend the day crying and then dealing with a headache for the rest of the evening.  I NEED my friends. Friendship is so vital. They provide support in many ways and each friend has a way of getting to you and helping you realize that this to shall pass.  In my case I know it will pass but hearing it from others reinforces it and instantly helps my state of mind.


The second thing that helps me is shutting off my phone and finding something to watch or read, getting productive around the house, or writing (which is the path I took today). Today I decided write this for you and to also watch Eat, Pray, Love. A total chick flick on finding yourself and learning how to be happy in your own body. My fall back when Im feeling sad or lost. A great quote used in the movie " The sweetness of doing nothing" She says this in Italian while in her small apartment in Italy. This is a great thought to have and should be used more often by us overproductive  ladies who can't seem to sit down and chill.


The third thing that help me is a warm cup of tea or coffee.  I usually go for a cup of tea but today dammit I wanted coffee, so I got out of the house and went to Starbucks and bought myself a giant mocha. Especially in this chilly weather a giant mocha did the trick.  It is both comforting and warming as it goes down my throat. No guilt here just peace.


When feeling like you just need a day for yourself, your body and mind is telling you something important.  If you try to accomplish something you will most likely fail and then feel even worse. So please just shut down and relax.  I have tried to get over these feelings and push through but in the end I do feel worse, like ive wasted a day.  I have learned to just use the above tips to get through and I do feel better eventually. 


Please share your tips below!!


thanks and xoxo, laurenjean


Apr 11, 2015

Hey Mommas!

Surprise! Glad you found this special episode!


Did you know that getting the whole family to eat the same thing doesn't have to be a TASK? 

Are you used to having someone not want what you are making... a kiddo? Yup, same here

Well, make it easy on yourself and FUN for the family!

Choose a protein and either pan cook it as a breaded chicken tender plain (no seasoning) or bake it with or without breading.

Next choose your veggie(s) and boil it or bake.

Then collect your families favorite seasonings, herbs, spices, dressings...whatever!

Let them make their own concoction and each person can have a different taste and choose what they want

Make the kids feel special because they can make their own meal.

This is both exciting for the kids anf EASY on you!


Let me know how this turns out!


xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 10, 2015

Welcome back! Below I have listed the ways I described in the show on how to make over your mood naturally. Originally I said 10 ways but I went way over that list and beyond! So here ya list that went on and on! 

I believe it to be super helpful so enjoy!



Make over your mood Naturally!


  1. v Getting a good nights sleep
  2. v Let the sun shine in
  3. v Play with furry friends
  4. v Make yourself smile
  5. v Eat more chocolate
  6. v Get Creative
  7. v Exercise regularly
  8. v Repaint a room or makeover a room
  9. v Human touch
  10. v Sing a song or dance around
  11. v Don’t overschedule
  12. v Change up your eating style
  13. v Take care of your health 
  14. v Avoid Alcohol
  15. v Maintain a Daily Routine
  16. v Telling people how you feel 



All of these if not a few of them will lift your day and make you feel confident which in turn will make you feel great. So go ahead and try a few, share your experience and post here!


Xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 6, 2015

Welcome to my surprise episode!  

I was super duper excited to be able to have a little extra time this week to be able to throw you this extra episode..


Perfectionism is something that haunted me for years and I truley believe it stole some of my prescious time that i could have been doing something else.


Please really think about how you are spending your time.  Is it productive in a good way or is it constantly picking something off the floor, doing task, or work that could be left for another time?


It's time to be mindful of how you use your time.  


Are you a perfectionist who is sabatoging her life???


xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 3, 2015

Juicing provides nutrients, vitamins, and raw enzymes that enter the blood stream immediatly and easy to digest

 It is the most efficient way to consume a RAINBOW of veggies in one simple shot!


The body can easily consume up to ten pounds of vegetables in juices, which would be very difficult to accomplish while eating vegetables with the fiber.


How amazing to be able to give your body this gift!




  • Better digestion and assimilation  
  • Weight loss and decreased belly bloat   
  • Supports detoxification  
  • Boosts immunity  
  • Improved sleep  
  • More energy  
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes  
  • Feeling happier and having more balanced moods  
  • Having a clearer mind and feeling more in tune with the universe


A juice detox can be done for any length of time, from half a day up to 10 days.


When done properly, it ensures you are getting adequate nutrients to support the regeneration of cells and organs, while giving the digestion a break and purging your body of toxic waste that can lead to health issues. 


By increasing the alkalinity of the blood, even just one juice a day is beneficial. Juicing is also a powerful way to replenish and hydrate the body – after exercising, to address health issues like exhaustion, or even during treatments such as chemotherapy. 


Personally I believe juicing has so many benefits and I love to juice as much as I can.


Although with the schedule of a working single momma that makes it really hard so I choose to sometimes make big batches enough for 2 days.


I find that if I fall off the wagon as most do it helps me get back into the groove and I set myself up for success once again.

Click here to grab my FREE 3 Day Juice Guide with Smoothie Support and enjoy!

Please comment below or shoot me an email at with questions.  I'd love to hear from you!


xoxo, laurenjean