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I help moms get healthy and LOVE life

Sep 30, 2016

This is my personal view but I believe it is A TRUTH for most.

We tend to put more pressure on ourselves than necessary.

Go ahead and listen to my rant on this topic, think about it and i think you may look at it differently.

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xoxo, laurenjean

Sep 28, 2016

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Social Media Strategist Nikki Pebbles.

I joined her FB group The Pebbles Rebels and found out that she lived SOOOOO close to me. We instantly started talking and I loved everything about her personality so I of course had to have this red-headed chick on!

Today she shares the 4 Things We are All Probably Doing Wrong On Instagram:

A sneak peak:

  1. your bio
  2. How much and what to post
  3. Instastories and how to use them

Find out more by listening to the show!

Find out more about Nikki by clicking on her site


Enjoy the show!


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xoxo, laurenjean

Sep 26, 2016

In this episode I speak with Lauren Herrera of Love is a Verb Podcast.


We spoke deeply and she shared about her past, when she was kid and the heartbreak and pains she went through.


She spoke about when she had her own business and how that came to a screeching halt

"I felt hallow, an empty shell of who I was. My gym had just closed, I was broke financially, devastated, emotionally and physically exhausted.

I decided to keep a positive outlook and behavior, but on the inside I was dying. 

Have you ever been in such a dark place it feels empty? Like there actually isn't anything left to feel?" -Lauren Herrera

In the end she came up with Love is A Verb Podcast and how that has helped shaped who she is today.

A bright, LOVING, caring, open-hearted human being with the passion to help others open up as as well.

Through her podcast is how she connects and helps her guests spread their love to others.

It truly is a wonderful show and if you aren't yet listening.... UM YOU NEED TO

Get it here


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Sep 23, 2016

It's true, SO VERY TRUE.

Don't listen to your gut and the repercussions suck, they are draining and they suck the life and health right from your body.

When you feel that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach or other parts of your body that you just can't explain, it's your gut revolting, literally (this word I do not throw around lightly, or ever really)

Go on, listen to what I have to say in this show.


xoxo, laurenjean

Sep 21, 2016

So today's biz chat is with Amanda Gates.

Amanda is a professionally trained Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner, podcaster and award winning blogger. 

In this episode she shares 5 tips but it started off as 3 tips, she couldn't stop sharing!

The 5 tips she shared were very eye opening and I loved them so much!

  1. Designate an area in your home for your work. Not a kitchen table and not a dining room table
  2. Invest in furniture rather than stuff you find in the garbage or a garage sale
  3. Don't work with your back to the door in your office space
  4. Get a BIG desk so you can S P R E A D out.
  5. Never buy a glass desk.

Amanda is offering this FREE Ebook to Feng Shui you bottom line

Free Ebook to Feng Shui Your Bottom Line


Enjoy the show!

xoxo, laurenjean

Sep 19, 2016

A Note straight from Jessika:

Thought I would let you know a little about me.  I am a born Intuitive, I was able hear and see things from the other side from an early age. I remember clear as day when I had my first clairvisual experience when I was 7.  

Growing up in a strict religious family, I never chose to explore these gifts, but always kept them hidden. I remember in my 20's that it all got to overwhelming and I remember telling my now Wife that dead people were talking to me and well I thought I was looking it.  

For many years and in current time I saw a Healer.  It was not until after giving birth that I answered my calling, Mothered hood is one of my favorite things I have done!  

I had been mentored for years by my wonderful Earthly Teacher and it was time for me to spread my wings.  I took some classes on how to protect my self and harness the abilities that I have and quickly opened shop and I have been seeing clients ever since.  

I also came to the realization that all the time I had spent working in corporate america they had been paying me to give readings!  Funny how that works. 

Don't forget to let your Soulshine, 



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Sep 16, 2016

In this episode I share the 4 steps I use to release my feelings to get some REAL relief.

This is not easy to do, its takes practice, patience and awareness. Once you have this under control it is a lot easier to use and be aware of. NO this will not solve your issues, you need to consistently work hard at them, but if you do this, you will notice drastic changes in anxiety and stress..

Let' go!

  1. Be aware of how you feel and say it out loud or write it down
  2. Accept the feeling and don't make it bad
  3. Do what you need to do to feel the relief, scream, cry, draw, workout, whatever
  4. Move the fuck on

:) laurenjean

Sep 14, 2016

We’ve found when a woman creates a business that makes her proud, that makes her family and friends proud, she grows up, embraces her power, and lives a life so grounded in passion and lit up with freedom that she often looks around at in giddy disbelief.

"There is nothing more beautiful than that transformation."

 Welcome to the interview with Lindsey and Nicole!

You are a woman with a vision. 

You’ve built your business so you can do what you love but now you don’t love what you do.

You’re feeling the pains of growing a business.

Long nights, overworked days, the lack of consistent income. The freedom you set out to experience when you started your business has turned into constant chaos and a frustrating lack of focus.

Now, imagine for a second your dream business. Everything runs smoothly. You have consistent income. You’ve reclaimed your nights and weekends. You have time (and money) to travel. You feel at ease when you lay down at night. You feel like a true CEO.

That is GETTING IT DONE. That’s what’s possible for you. That is what we do.

nicole and lindsey | the get it done gals

We had such an amazing empowering chat on how they help women become the CEO of their own life.


FInd them here

Sep 12, 2016

Maia Macek is a Life Alignment Coach, Purpose Liberator and Intuitive Rebel who, after connecting with her own calling through a series of personally defining triumphs and mishaps, now guides her clients to living liberated lives aligned with their creative and intuitive gifts. Maia can be found in real life in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley, riding motorcycles, hiking in the mountains, and writing about her latest soul adventures.

Maia Macek is a FIRECRACKER of a woman!

In this episode she share with us her story of self-acceptance.

From bulimia to +30 lbs to couch bound to a fit over a powdered donut to realization in herself, she's been through a lot that is now helping so many women.

Check out her interview where she shares her inspiring story

We also discuss:

Don't lose 5 lbs

What could us women do if we weren't so fixated on weight loss.


Sep 9, 2016

Simple to the point tips is the way I like to go.

Read it, listen to it, practice it:


Here are my 2 Ways to Say No to Others to Respect Your Own Feelings:

  1. Be honest with the person in a nice way
  2. Don't say no right away. Tell them you need some time to check your schedule then politely decline

Thanks for being here and listening in!

Sep 7, 2016

In this episode I chat with Jordana Jaffe and she shares her story of the many communities she built and ultimately found Facebook groups to be her love. 

We will get into some ways you can use Facebook groups to nurture your biz as well.

Find Jordana here

Grab her Free Facbeook Group Guide 

xoxo, laurenjean

Sep 5, 2016

This is the second chat between Sophia and I.  Check out the first one Episode #81 from Mommacast.

In this episode we talk about her awesome new card game for your life! It releases next month, October and I can't wait to get mine!

You can check out Sophia here

Sep 2, 2016

Hey! Welcome to the first episode of The Pod Junkie Podcast 

I am so excited to bring to you the 3 Ways I use to acknowledge my own feelings. These have been so helpful in so many ways BUT it has taken practice and awareness to get to this point.

1. STOP and THINK, DON'T ACT at first

2. Accept the way you are feeling

3. Find comfort in a healthy way

I intend to keep these solo shows under 20 minutes but I can't promise if I go off on a rant, it's only for your own good ;)


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