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I help moms get healthy and LOVE life

Jun 10, 2016


An unexpected show because I wanted to get you updates but also be able to get the last of the interviews in for the month of June!

Just what the title says is what I'm jammin about today... The future of this show, summer plans and what I'm up to.


Check it out!

Jun 6, 2016

Welcome back to another Real Talk with Lauren and Val!

Today we share stories and discuss how not caring what other people think means to us and how it can help shape you to be  more confident and happy.

I also share my 1st wedding story and I bring you up to date on my venturing back into hard workouts.



Jun 5, 2016

Today I Interviewed the lovely Samantha!

Written by the lovely Samantha:

My name is Samantha Hawley and I am 27 years old (will be 28 by the time we do this show!). I grew up near Buffalo, NY but am currently living in Boston, MA with my boyfriend of 6 years and have 2 pets!
I began my professional career right after obtaining my MBA as a Project Analyst for General Electric. I spent 5 years there working my way up in the organization, gaining responsibilities and traveling abroad. During that time, I was seeking an extra way to make an income and also get physically fit.
I decided to become a Beachbody coach and over the course of 2 years I became financially stable enough to leave my full time job at GE - which became redundant monotonous work. This past September I focused all of my energy on my fitness coaching business and now have a thriving team of coaches & hundreds of clients all over the US & Canada.


Some topics Samantha and I discuss are questions right from her listeners and I want to share with you too!

1. Which is better for weight loss: cardio or weight lifting?
2. What should I eat after a workout? 
3. How important is the nutrition when you're focusing on weight loss or building muscle.
4. Is it okay to have a cheat day? 
5. What is the best ab exercise?


May 29, 2016

Continuation from last week's show is todays!

Today I share 5 interviews with 5 of my co-authors from the Silver Linings Storybook.

We all have inspirational stories to share with the world and here they are, in pod form for ya'll!

Find the book here! Silver Linings Storybook on Amazon


May 22, 2016

Hiya and welcome!

I am so super duper excited to share today's show as it is JUST ME, sharing my co-authored book titled "Silver Linings Storybook available on Amazon in Kindle and print.

My chapter titled "Confessions of a Control Freak" is what I share today.


May 15, 2016

Welcome to this week's show! I have not done a solo show inquiteawhile but I wanted to jump on the mic today and give youwhat Igots!

Im going to be sharing:

  • what is going on in my world since discovering myeatingdisorder
  • my favorite podcasts as a podcast junkie

Super short and simple today as it is JUST me.  I lovesoloshows because I always have so much to share and sometimesitseasier to do a solo show because of the length.  

I hope you all love the episode!

Shows i mentioned

YourKick Ass Life

The Joy Junkie


TheWellness Wonderland

Badass and Bare

The Magic Makers Podcast

Untamed the Wild Soul Radio

StrongBodyWhole Heart

WordsandMoney  Podcast

The Crave Cast

Thanks and Enjoy!

May 8, 2016

Jenny G. Perry is the #1 Best-selling author of Sexpot With Stretch Marks and also a novel The Jennifers.

She’s a feisty married mother of five happily residing at the Jersey Shore. She’s a Transformation Coach who weaves her intuitive mind-body-spirit style into her no nonsense practical approach.

She loves to blog on social media about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. She has a passion for life, fashion, and a bold voice which preaches self-love daily.

She is a speaker who tells of her own reinvention and cheers on others to pursue their dreams. She has been featured as a blogger on, and She was also in the May 2014 issue of Oprah magazine.

She is featured on the cover of One of her blogs was also featured on and

She’s given author talks for her novel The Jennifers where she not only talks about life, but also her journey of self loathing to loving. She’s done workshops on Finding Your Joy and also tips on self-publishing. She spoke at the STEPS event about Reinventing Yourself.

Calling herself a silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot, she aims to uplift, empower and inspire daily. You can find her blog at:
For all her shenanigans you can follow her on Facebook under Jenny G. Perry.

Facebook fan pages: Peace Love Joy Sparkles, Jenny G. Perry.
Twitter: @jennygperry

May 6, 2016

Today Val and I talk mindset and the power it has over you andhow most of us do this consciously and unconsciously. We thinkridiculous things about ourselves therefore dragging down ourconfidence.

Not much more to say, listen in!

May 1, 2016


I just loved this show with Christina! Amazing woman with a ton to offer!
“Christina Fletcher is a spiritually aware parent coach who helps parents tap into their own inner resources and be their authentic selves. Christina is also an author and has released 4 books, as well as freelanced for numerous international publications and her own blog, Parenting From Source. She has three children and homeschools them with her soulmate on their farm in Nova Scotia. for more information please visit her website “
xoxo, laurenjean




Apr 24, 2016

Stephanie Hope Dodd is an International Best-selling author of “Good Baby, Bad Sleeper” and a heart-centered sleep coach. In her successful online coaching business that helps families seeking support around sleep and personal transformation, Stephanie emphasizes her philosophy of finding what works for you and feels right for you, not what others tell you is right. Using various energy psychology techniques Stephanie brings a powerful spin to parenting with presence, all with a clear understanding of psychological and emotional childhood development. 

Stephanie is the creator of Sleep Personalities and works with parents offering them the support they need to move forward teaching their children the skills to fall asleep in a loving and connected way. Stephanie lives with her two children and husband in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. You can follow her at

xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 17, 2016

Lisa earned her BA from Westfield State University in Marketing and Communications as well as certifications as a Mindset Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, EFT Level 1 Practitioner and NLP Practitioner. She has trained with well-known success experts such as Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. She has owned and operated her own personal & professional development business, Life by Design, LLC, since 1998, taking it to a full-time practice in 2006. She works with clients both in her office in Virginia Beach, VA and virtually via phone or Skype.

In addition to her private and group work with clients, Lisa is an avid speaker and writer, corporate & organizational trainer, and has produced numerous hypnosis and mental conditioning audio CDs and co-authored 3 books on self-improvement, including her recently released, “An Unsinkable Soul: 22 Inspiring Bounceback Stories and Reasons to Keep Going.”

Apr 15, 2016

Today is me and Val getting down and dirty, well not really dirty, just down.  We are sharing our lives and what the heck is going on now!

We talk:

  • organization
  • Val was a figure skater! ( I never knew that)
  • planners
  • introvert/extrovert
  • don't let other people suck the life out of you
  • Journaling "Let it Out"- Katie Dalebout's 
  • You don't have to finish a book!

Join us here!  Such a great conversation

Apr 10, 2016

Meet Seryna, the ORIGINAL Pampered Goddess

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was definitely true in my case. After spending months of neglecting my own self-care with long hours at the office, doing energetically challenging work (and not much in the way of fun), I suffered extreme burn out. I spent months in bed in the fetal position, crippled by anxiety and depression. It was baffling to me… how could I get here when I’d made a career out of helping others work through these very symptoms… and how could I not see the signs before it was too late?

I know all about the glorification of a busy life. I also learned the consequences of not slowing down, and ignoring your own intuition. I believe we are entitled to a happy life, free of overwhelm, and I believe a regular, self-care practice is how we get there. That’s what helped me on my journey to recovery.

Pampered Goddess is a project of love, created with the sole purpose of inspiring other women to use self-love and self-care rituals as preventative measures to avoid burn out and reconnect with their own divinity. It allows me to continue to be of service, to create events and workshops that enrich and empower women, and to maintain my own energetic balance while doing so.

I’ve completed a year of formal aromatherapy studies with the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, and countless hours researching essential oils, crystals and other natural living supports. When not mixing up delectable essential oil blends, I’m sipping decadent teas (so much so that I sell them here), reading inspirational quotes or books, and finding new, vegan, gluten-free recipes to indulge in.

My (s)heroes include: Malala YousafzaiTaryn Brumfitt and Danielle LaPorte.

Grab up her freebies!

And our chat below!


Apr 3, 2016

Yet ANOTHER great show! Katie is so incredibly inspiring and you can see from her photo that she likes to have fun and kick ass in life.

My kinda girl, a lady hustler as she is called and is explained in her book "She makes it work"


Katie Corcoran is a work/life balance expert, Lady Hustler and brand identity advisor who believes in being multi-passionate and desire-driven. She is the author of She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle and works with businesses and personal brands to build platforms with desire, helping them get to the root of their "why" and assisting them with the "hows." Katie is the co-host (alongside Andrea Hood) of Badass & Bare podcast, inspiring ear candy for the lady in flux. She is a 2012 graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, has a five year background in brand strategy, digital marketing & advertising.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and can be found spending half her time sipping on a latte while listening to the latest hip-hop song, working away, and planning her next project. The other half, she enjoys escaping to the beach and the mountains where she resets and rewinds. For more info, visit: or email

LINK: She Makes it Work: //" target="_blank">

LINK: Badass & Bare:

LINK: Institute for Integrative Nutrition:

LINK: Katie Corc:

Check out our chat!

Mar 27, 2016
Katie is an interesting girl and I learned so much great stuff from her!
Katie Carey is a spiritual midwife. She helps people navigate spiritual transitions, embrace the process of rebirth, and answer the invitation to greater Wholeness. Honest, creative, and funny, Katie utilizes a variety of healing and creative arts to help you attend to your spiritual health. She is what you need when you don't know what you need.
Stuffs we chatted about:
What is a spiritual midwife?
Is tarot scary?
What are some ways you involve your children in your spirituality?
What is a Catholic Witch?
You can find out more about Katie below:
Find her e-course on recovering from burnout right here
Listen Now!
Mar 20, 2016

On today's show Susan shares her heart wrenching story of living life in fear and what she did to overcome it. Deep story lies within her and she is now here to share it with the world and help other women live their life without the fear.

This was such an amazing interview and give so much credit to Susan for being here to share her story and help others get to finally living their lives, without the fear and feeling of being a victim.

Some of what we discuss:

  • From Victim Story to Fearless Story
  • What is the one question that keeps you dating your victim?
  • Where do Fearless women find happiness?
  • What is the key to ditching your victim story for your Fearless Story?
  • How to take the first step into self-love?
  • What happens when you break up with your victim?


Find Susan here and here

THANK YOU for being here!

xoxo, laurenjean

Please c'mon over and join my tribe for a chance to win Katie Dalebout's not yet released book "Let it Out" A Journey through Journaling

Winner will be announced on the pod Sunday April 3

Also PLEASE O PLEASE COME AND REVIEW AND RATE THE SHOW.... gets more exposure and helps more people.


xoxo, laurenjean



Mar 14, 2016
OMG I apologize!  I released the wrong show!!
here is the corrected version!
Sophia and I had such a fun talk!  This was actually our second time on the call as the first got all screwy and I could not hear her!!! AHHHH BUT I got a second chance to speak with the WISE- ONE and BOY did we have a great time!
Sophia Wise One is a fun and radical lady. She has been a facilitator and healer since she was a teenager. Practitioner of what she calls Shamanic Pelvic Floor Work, which is bodywork inside the vagina, and teaching people the skills to optimize thier healing, joy, and life.
We spoke a lot about MOONLODGING, do you know what that is?  I certainly did not, listen to show to get more info.
There has been a resurgence of Red Tents, Moon lodges, sacred bleeding ceremonies. There are intentional spaces to honor and discover the power of the menstrual time. They vary is format and belief structures.
The heart of what I do and what I offer and teach is ways to get connected to your body, and find your own way of listening to your body. As we do this there are themes that many women share. I will share a few tips on how to start your own sacred space for bleeding.
5 starter tips for you own "Moonlodge" 
#1) Lite a red candle or a candle inside a red tinted candle holder. Set an intention, such as: "I honor my body and this powerful time that mirrors all life giving cycles. I quiet with my breath to discover the wisdom that lies within."
Or more spiritually: "I honor the power of my body as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of form. I am aware of the mysteries and wisdom of the spirit world, I open to all it has to teach me and the ways it can heal me."
#2) Set a timer and meditate for 20 minutes, 1 hr, or whatever you can or want
#3) Either you an old towel or purchase a beautiful thick red towel and sit on it allowing your body to "free bleed" flow without concern of mess, relax and give yourself permission to let go
#4) Tell your kids, DO NOT DISTURB unless urgent, put on a movie and go take a bath with candle light
#5) Put on a relaxing album and read or write starting with the prompt: "My sacred blood wants me to know..."
Website & email:
The free invitations she has on her website:
1) Video series with ebook and lots of info: "Tour of the Pelvic Bowl Video Series Training"
2) Mentoring Ebooklet: "7 Master Teacher Secrets for Mentors, Coaches, Healers & Facilitators"
Order YOUR copy TODAY!  Releases April 5, 2016
xoxo, laurenjean
Feb 7, 2016
Adina Lakser loves helping women dive into the deliciousness of pleasure to embrace a passionate and meaningful life. As a single mother to two pre-teens, a dog, a cat and a houseful of laundry, she understands both the barriers and necessity of pleasure! Follow her at


Jan 24, 2016

Shannon is a previous guest I so wanted to bring her back to discuss another passion of hers which is chatting about relationships.

Today we talk about the most common form of unconventional relationships- OPEN relationships.

People who hear this may think that it is just about someone who cannot commit but it's not it is so much more than that and what Shannon had to say really makes me wonder why more people are doing it~

Shannon Lagasse, certified holistic health coach and emotional eating expert, has helped thousands of women worldwide struggling with emotional eating and yo-yo dieting to ditch the diet, love their body, and lose weight. 

By coming from a focus on pleasure and getting to the heart of their issues, Shannon's clients are empowered to find freedom from food fears and live a fantastically awesome life.

She is also the author of the bestselling book Why Can’t You Just Eat?:  A Look Inside the Mind of Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder, the story of her own journey with an eating disorder. Shannon is a contributing writer to major sites, including xoJane, Elephant Journal, and the Daily Dater and has been featured on Blogilates and the Dr. Pat Show. 

To learn more about working with Shannon and to receive her free weekly coaching articles on healthy & happy ways to get the life, love, and body you want, visit her website:

Thank you so much for your support of the show I hope you enjoyed this great one!

Come join us in the facebook group Mommacast


xoxo, happy sunday




Jan 22, 2016

Welcome to Real talk with Lauren and Val

Today we discuss (well val does most of today, LOL):

  • Exercise addiction and hiding behind issues with fitness
  • Her now and what she does to feel great
  • HIIT workouts
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • My technique for overwhelm, you may laugh but it works
  • Stepping back in life
  • more

WE hope you enjoy this rant, but if you didn't it was great for us to release this energy ;)

xoxo, lauren and val


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