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I help moms get healthy and LOVE life

Feb 7, 2016
Adina Lakser loves helping women dive into the deliciousness of pleasure to embrace a passionate and meaningful life. As a single mother to two pre-teens, a dog, a cat and a houseful of laundry, she understands both the barriers and necessity of pleasure! Follow her at


Jan 24, 2016

Shannon is a previous guest I so wanted to bring her back to discuss another passion of hers which is chatting about relationships.

Today we talk about the most common form of unconventional relationships- OPEN relationships.

People who hear this may think that it is just about someone who cannot commit but it's not it is so much more than that and what Shannon had to say really makes me wonder why more people are doing it~

Shannon Lagasse, certified holistic health coach and emotional eating expert, has helped thousands of women worldwide struggling with emotional eating and yo-yo dieting to ditch the diet, love their body, and lose weight. 

By coming from a focus on pleasure and getting to the heart of their issues, Shannon's clients are empowered to find freedom from food fears and live a fantastically awesome life.

She is also the author of the bestselling book Why Can’t You Just Eat?:  A Look Inside the Mind of Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder, the story of her own journey with an eating disorder. Shannon is a contributing writer to major sites, including xoJane, Elephant Journal, and the Daily Dater and has been featured on Blogilates and the Dr. Pat Show. 

To learn more about working with Shannon and to receive her free weekly coaching articles on healthy & happy ways to get the life, love, and body you want, visit her website:

Thank you so much for your support of the show I hope you enjoyed this great one!

Come join us in the facebook group Mommacast


xoxo, happy sunday




Jan 22, 2016

Welcome to Real talk with Lauren and Val

Today we discuss (well val does most of today, LOL):

  • Exercise addiction and hiding behind issues with fitness
  • Her now and what she does to feel great
  • HIIT workouts
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • My technique for overwhelm, you may laugh but it works
  • Stepping back in life
  • more

WE hope you enjoy this rant, but if you didn't it was great for us to release this energy ;)

xoxo, lauren and val


Jan 16, 2016

Today's show is all me, being vulnerable, real, sharing my experiences in hopes of helping you realize what and if there is anything you want to change or better about yourself.

Below is a list of 8 things that I have learned since starting my journey back in July of 2015:

  • I have learned how to feel my feelings, go with them instead of hiding behind something in hopes the feeling goes away.
  • Ive learned that food and restrictions don't have to rule my life, that I can eat whatever, whenever and I won't die
  • Ive learned how to speak up in hard times even if I think it's still hard
  • How to dig deeper into my own thoughts and unpeel more layers
  • How to de-clutter my brain
  • How to understand people better, get inside their head and be an amazing listener
  • How to be comfortable just being myself, no make-up or fancy outfits
  • How to deal with stress in my own way.

I really hope you get some good shit out of this this show and PLEASE share if you do!

email me and let me know!

xoxo, laurenjean

Jan 11, 2016


Today Val and I talk and share with you our views and experiences with cleansing and detoxing.  We have been through many in our own ways.

We aren't here to knock em but we are REAL in our opinion so get ready and come have a listen.

xoxo, laurenjean

Jan 11, 2016

Hey mommas!

Welcome to the show! Today I am speaking with Lynne Wadsworth from

Having been Board Certified as a Holistic Health Coach  (AADP) after training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Lynne now loves to use her knowledge and training by helping and supporting people in achieving their potential through healthy lifestyles that will impact their entire lives, including relationships, emotionally, physically, with stress, as well as other areas of life.

It is her desire to see people be in a healthy place in their lives, knowing that through her support and encouragement they can attain their goals and maximize their healthy living.

Having suffered from migraines since age 21,Lynne is especially empathic to people in a similar situation. Having found holistic help leading to a much more pain-free existence, it is her passion to help fellow-migraineurs find natural, effective remedies helping prevent and lessen the effect of migraines.

Lynne is the authored of “The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: An Holistic Approach to Pain Free Relief” and is a contributing author of “Menopause Maven: Master the Mystery of Menopause.” 

Both are available on her Website at and through and

This is some of the stuff we chat about in today's show

1.      What in her life has motivated to helping women with migraines and with related health issues?

2.      How have you found change in your own life that can benefit people who suffer with migraines and headaches.

3.      Do you only help people with migraines or, as a health coach, do you offer other natural and holistic help to people?

4.      Do you offer classes or Webinar on migraines or other topics.

5.      How do you see that health coaches fit into people’s lives and with the healthcare system?

6.      How has your life changed been since you graduated from IIN and have been working with clients?

Check out the show below and share with us your feelings and thoughts!

xoxo, laurenjean


Jan 3, 2016
Jessie Lucas is a health and fitness expert, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and the founder of, where she teaches women how to change their relationship with exercise so they can discover an energetic life with results they love. Specializing in techniques for energy flow and body alignment, she helps you create a blueprint for healthy living.
Jessica and I talk about:
How do you find time/make time for exercise?
How can I get motivated when I can't stand exercise, but want to feel better in my body?
I've had a workout routine in the past, I just can't make myself do it anymore, what do I do?
What do you mean by "mindful movement" and why is it important, or more important than "regular exercise"?
What is it you actually "do" if it's not typical personal training?


You can find her at
Info about her affordable membership program is at
Enjoy the show!


Dec 27, 2015

Jaime is here today to share her story of being a momma and business owner while living with MS.

Strong lady with a strong and positive mindset.  Some of the things Jamie has done and enjoyed over the years with MS.

  • Haven't has an MS attack since before she got pregnant with her older daughter, which was fall of 2005
  • Her daughters were born in June 2006 and January 2009
  • Quit working corporate IT in February 2011
  • Has run 2 half-marathons
  • Has done inline skating marathons
  • Started teaching fitness classes in 2009
  • Became a certified personal trainer in 2013
  • Have been a fitness coach since 2013
  • Sustained an injury during a half-marathon in 2012
  • Had knee surgery in July 2015 and is finally able to run again
  • Works primarily with fitness/health/wellness professionals because her passion is with helping people live and feel better while her zone of genius is technology

You can find more about Jaime here:


Enjoy the show!

xoxo, laurenjean


Dec 20, 2015

Dr. Laurel Clark is President Emeritus of the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) educational and service organization headquartered in Windyville, MO, USA. She has been teaching courses in Applied Metaphysics since 1979. A certified psi counselor and ordained minister in the Interfaith Church of Metaphysics, Dr. Clark is the author of the books Intuitive DreamingThe Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization, Dharma: Finding Your Soul’s Purpose, Karmic Healing, Vital Ingredient: Healing for a Higher Purpose, Concentration, and Shaping Your Life: The Power of Creative Imagery. She is co-author and editor of Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery and a contributor to the books Lucid Dreaming, Uncommon Knowledge, How to Raise an Indigo Child, Total Recall and Power of Structure. She is a contributor on “Dream Incubation” to the Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams, edited and compiled by Drs. Deirdre Barrett and Patrick McNamara and has a chapter in the book Weaving Dreams in the Classroom, ed. by Drs. Curtiss Hoffmann and Jacquie Lewis. She is also a “dreamworker” on the new Dreams Cloud website.

This page has links for articles she has written and some video clips of a TV interview and a lecture on dreams.
Here is a link to the book she wrote on dreams:
She has also written other books as well, including The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization, Dharma:  Finding Your Soul's Purpose, Concentration, Karmic Healing.
xoxo, laurenjean
Dec 13, 2015

Katie is a writer, mentor, and podcast host. She loves writing and speaking about holistic wellness, personal development, spirituality, and creativity on her blog, her weekly Podcast WWRadio, and in her daily life. She works with women who believe happiness is dependent on their physical body, relationship status, or career realize that it is actually within them and that external trappings of success are merely a byproduct of their internal state. She helps women develop a positive relationship with food and their body image by embracing a spiritual connection of their own understanding. Get her free Quick Start Guide here. If you’d like more inspiration from Katie visit her in Wonderland or on her Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter, and YouTube.


enjoy this wonderful show!


xoxo, laurenjean

Dec 6, 2015
Kristin Hartjes is a holistic doctor, mindset mentor and business coach. She works with new coaches helping them unlock the beauty of their unique gifts so they can create powerful change both in their own lives and the lives of others. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who are highly sensitive, guiding them to connect with their intuition and build their business from a place of authenticity. Kristin leads clients through one-on-one transformational programs that allow them to break through their fears, connect with their purpose and create a business and life they love.

Kristin is a chiropractic doctor and holds further certifications in functional medicine, applied kinesiology, transformational coaching with an emphasis in emotional eating, and business coaching. Her work has been featured on Mindbodygreen and Elephant Journal.


Free Gift: Your Blueprint to Creating an Authentic Coaching Business

xoxo, laurenjean

Dec 1, 2015

Wowzer (as inspector gadget says) it's been quite awhile since I last updated you on the crap i've been uncovering about myself. It's pretty fucking cool what you can accomplish in less than 6 months if you dig deep into your soul and mind.

BTW- I'm feeling pretty free and happy after the 1 drink I just had.  Why am I telling you this??? Because I'm real and I share :)  Simple as that. And it doesn't take much drink-wise to happy me up.

Anyways the reason for this post tonight is so that I can share the thoughts and experiences I have been having since discovering my orthorexia. Yup there is a lot I want to share. There is alot you can figure out about yourself simply by allowing it to happen.

So the things I have learned:

  • Exploring sexuality...shit and having fun!
  • Saying no to people
  • I curse a lot and love the feeling i get

2015-11-27 20.52.21

  • Being comfortable in my own skin
  • Uncovering MY relationship issues (the made up ones in my head)
  • I am more relaxed (probably because Im doing all the above and all the below)
  • the ability to put all the focus on my daughter when she is here and on nothing else
  • Almost stopped all label reading
  • Started enjoying my coffee with the creamer instead of seeing it as "BAD"
  • I'm more open minded to everything
  • I workout how and when i want now
  • Stopped with creating goals so i am not limited and focus on that and only that

This is just a quick list I made, but probably the most important since they came to me first.

xoxo, laurenjean

Nov 29, 2015


Welcome to another great show!

I am so happy to have you all here, this truly gets me excited each week to record new shows for you so that you can get top notch info from top experts. So THANK YOU for being here..

The show has really taken off in the past few months and I have started to grab a hold of all sorts of topics that will be coming your way in the next 1-6 months

In this show Christy and I discuss:

  • Health at every size
  • Intuitive Eating

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified Intuitive Eating counselor in private practice, specializing in eating disorder recovery and health at every size. She writes about food and nutrition for various publications  and hosts Food Psych, a podcast exploring people's relationships to food. Find her online at and on Twitter @chr1styharrison.

xoxo, laurenjean

Nov 22, 2015
Sara was born and raised in Bucks County, PA.  She has  dealt with being overweight since she was about 11 years old.  Her parents divorced that year and then inevitably puberty was beginning.  She gained weight and learned to use food for comfort.  She would eat for any reason.  If she was happy, if she was sad, if she was upset or even if there was something to celebrate, she always ended up at a restaurant.  
As Sara matured and grew into a woman, she always saw herself, in her mind, with an average body type.  She didn't think that she was that overweight.  She kept living her life in the usual way that she would have because of this denial. 
She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when she was 19 years old.  19 years old. 
It was only until late last year that Sara started becoming her weight.  She started to become depressed when her health issues progressed from not just diabetic, but to being uncomfortable when sitting on the floor or getting sick in the middle of the night while she was asleep. That's scary. 
She ended up in the hospital early 2015 with other weight associated health issues.  Sara decided enough was enough in April.  She started going to the gym, no matter how uncomfortable she was working out in front of others. 
She started dieting and eating what she thought was a correct diet.  In July Sara started the 21 day fix and drinking Shakeology while doing the home workouts.  This nutrition guide has aided her in losing 50 pounds and gaining a ton of confidence.
She  have also been taken completely off of my injectable insulin because of my weight loss.
She signed up as a coach in August because she had a LOT of people who were interested in knowing what was working for her so well, she now has her Facebook page, Sara Beisel- Not Your Average Fitness Coach, with lots of people who follow her and her journey.  Sara's page provides inspiration, motivation, recipes and the occasional workout video.
Another important factor in Sara's journey is her son.  He is the real reason she decided to get her act together when it came to her health.  She wanted to lead by example and she was being a hypocrite.  She exercises and workouts with her son.  They talk about healthy foods all the time and she tries to include him in everything she does along the way her journey because he is her biggest motivation.  
Sara's contact information is below:
Facebook 'Like' Page:
Email address:
xoxo, laurenjean
Nov 20, 2015

Join us when today we dive into sexuality.  Personal experiences and we dive more into our feelings about this subject.

More to come as there is SO MUCH MORE to talk about with such a taboo subject!


xoxo, laurenjean and val

Nov 15, 2015

Today we welcome back Laura Ghedina!

Laura works as a holistic health coach for “emotional detoxing”. She helps women to uncover the emotional burdens that they carry as excess weight, or in form of emotional eating habits, so that they transform and release weight and unhealthy habits for good.

In her work, she doesn’t look at conscious-behaviorial changes, but digs deeper into what the underlying cause is. With that she often find traumatic experiences in childhood, or patterns in the family system.

Links we spoke about-

Marshall Rosenberg- Non Violent Communication


Chocolate Covered Katie


Like to HUG?? Check out <a href="" target="_blank">AMMA</a>

Find more about Laura @


xoxo, laurenjean

Nov 13, 2015


Today Val starts off the show with a digestion story!  Yes one our favorite topics as I'm sure you will figure out with our chats.

Today we also discuss:

Accepting yourself

Hiding Emotions

Ways of Reflection

Ways to Relax




xoxo, lauren and val

Nov 8, 2015


Alexandra Jamieson was the co-star and co-creator of Super Size Me, the Oscar nominated documentary that shook up our fast food nation in 2004. Alex is a best-selling author, functional nutrition and life coach for women, positive psychology practitioner, podcast host, and “cravings whisperer.”


She has been seen on Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People . Alex delivers inspirational keynote speeches and workshops around the globe, and was declared Elle Magazines Coach for January 2015.


Alex’s Podcast, The Crave Cast, debuted at #1 on iTunes in Alternative Health and continues to draw listeners from around with world with new perspectives on health, cravings, and sexuality with top expert interviews.


Her latest book Women, Food & Desire hit #1 on Amazon on several lists including Popular Psychology – Sexuality, and was the #1 New Release in Spirituality + Self-Help on Amazon. Also chosen by as the top non-fiction winter book, and as 1 of 12 books to help you through a tough divorce.


Her book, courses, podcast, and blog guide the reader to embrace their cravings as their allies, make peace with food, and reclaim their body.

This was such an important interview and an exciting one as well.  Alex invites us all to take her crave quiz so grab it here and you will receive a report in your inbox!

To purchase her book click here..

xoxo, laurenjean


Nov 1, 2015

This topic came so clear to me, I'm not sure why but I just had to cover it. I think it can help a lot of women out there who go through a rough time as I did a bunch of times, including 2 divorces...

  1. Make a list of activities YOU truley enjoy doing
  2. Make friend time again if you have gotten away from this
  3. Start a blog or a private journal
  4. Join an online community for people going through what you are or find a meetup in your area
  5. Take up a new hobby
  6. Start a self-care practice- baths, walking, fitness classes etc.
  7. Simplify your belongings to what you ONLY need and want 
  8. Create new goals for your new life, but for a short time, maybe a month, to not get overwhelmed
  9. Start a detox
  10. Make a list of things  you LOVE about yourself
  11. Listen to episode #12 - How Divorce Drastically changed my life

Thanks for listening and BYE!


xoxo, laurenjean

Oct 30, 2015

Welcome!!! It's the first episode of Real Talk with Lauren and Val!!!

In this show we talk real shit that bothers most people, what most are either afraid to speak about publicly or what most just ignore.

We live in such a busy life now that we get caught up in everyday life.

Val and I have spoken extensively and about almost everything so we figured we'd take the show on the air- literally...

We talk "our truth" NO scripts, no preparation but a topic:

This show's topic------the media.

It goes much deeper than just the media.  We end up talking about negativity, veganism, food triggers, control issues, body shaming, and an awesome "REAL" girl who shares her journey on Facebook, Sara Beisel...

xoxo, laurenjean and val

Oct 25, 2015

Valerie “the health nut” Rosselli is a  certified holistic health coach who attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  She helps people make the emotion/food connection, food being secondary and emotions being the primary basis for most decision making.

She has her readers tune into their bodies and has them make the right decisions mentally and physically that suits them as individuals.

She is also a yoga enthusiast, and just a girl with a zany personality, who likes to give people positive affirmations to start their day, end their day, or whenever you are feeling down and what to see that there IS a light at the end of tunnel.  

She believes that the key in life is balance, and to achieve balance there are steps that you have to take to get there. Small changes can make a big difference.

“Every journey begins with a single step” Chinese proverb

“life isn’t about learning how to weather the storm. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain” Vivian Greene.

Be you, find out what makes you tick, love and enjoy the journey it’s not a race to the finish line, and love yourself.

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