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May 15, 2015

Hey mommas!


Todays topic…is probiotics!


This word has become more and more popular in the mainstream and you find it popping up on products in the grocery stores now.


Today I will tell you what a probiotic is, the key benefits of probiotics, where to find a reliable source and the top probiotic foods.


Did you know that a healthy person should aim to get at least 5 billion bacteria delivered to their intestines on a daily basis?


Did you know that most people don’t get anywhere close to that and some don’t even take probiotics at all because they have no idea why they would even take probiotics?


Well, this is what you will learn with me today. Make sure you can concentrate through todays show so you can pick up on all the information, but if you can’t thats fine because you will find it in the show notes as well.  


So lets dive in!




Probiotics are a pathway to a happy tummy. Yup you hear that right, a happy tummy. So many of us are running around everyday with digestive issues and some of us are unaware that the symptoms we have ARE digestive issues.  


The digestive system is packed full of good bacteria that supports your immune system. Without this good bacteria your immune system cannot provide you with digestive support.


Okay now there are words that are often thrown around by people you know and even the media at times and the word probiotic just happens to be one of them which is why I chose to do a podcast on this subject.


I want you to stop getting the wrong information and listen up closely.


The word pro-biotic simply means “for life”


If a product claims to be a probiotic it must contain active live cultures. It must be able to live and thrive in your gut as well as replicate to create more good bacteria.


Did you know that there are hundreds of species of living bacteria living in your gut keeping it healthy? Yes research has identified hundreds of different species and this is super important to keep your immune system healthy.  There needs to be diversity in these species so that one particular species doesn’t take over and cause you problems


Not all bacteria is bad. This is a common misconception. Sometimes you may feel something kinda weird going on in your body and you know something must be wrong.


Did you know that taking antibiotics can kill these good bacteria? Yea! So when taking any antibiotic you need to make sure you are replacing the good bacteria that is getting killed off.


I can’t stress this enough, that if you or your child is taking antibiotics you should absolutely be taking a high quality probiotic.  If you don’t you can cause potential digestive issues which then can lead to any issue earlier or later in your life. 



Be aware that this is not something your doctor tells you when they are giving you a prescription so you will need to take this on yourself when you are deciding whether or not to fill the prescription.


Now also know that it is normal to have some bad bacteria along with the good.  Together they work together to maintain healthy gut functions.


How do you find a good probiotic? Sure I know you will be asking this so Ill tell you! 


You can find naturally occurring probiotics in some foods like yogurt(not the sugar filled ones, plain full fat yogurts are best, you can add a little raw honey, cinnamon and maybe a bunch of wild raw blueberries), kefir, raw sauerkraut, or kimchi.


Now you can add these into your everyday diet because they naturally contain the good guys but you should also take a supplemental probiotic as well. 


Why? because only a small amount will survive in the harsh environment which is your acidic stomach.


Now I know you are wondering what makes a good probiotic, since Ive been talking about it for so long…


I’m going to tell you!


They should be refrigerated! Why? Because they need to have a reasonable shelf life and they should be stored in a dry state.


It should be in a capsule so that it survives your stomach acid as it passes through the stomach to the less acidic intestines where it can grow and thrive to benefit your gut health.


It should contain a wide range of healthy bacteria  because only 1 type of bacteria is not enough, there must be balance like i mentioned before.


Think about this there is estimated to be 10 times the number of cells in your body, or around 10 trillion organisms.. thats a whole lot!  This is why a consistent dose of probiotics over time is crucial to having an impact in your gut!


A healthy person should be getting at least 5 billion bacteria sent to the gut daily!


Some key benefits of probiotics are Maintaining a healthy gut, support digestion,keep the bad bacteria from causing your problems, provides super important nutrients.


Some top quality probiotic foods are dark chocolate preferably 80% and higher, yogurt(no added sugar and with active live cultures), kimchi, kefir, and miso.


I want to thank you for listening in once again and I hop you got some great info out of today because I know its a question a lot of people have asked and others just wonder about.  Now you know!


Please share this episode with a loved one and if you feel like you learned something that will help you please go to iTunes and give me a rating and review to get the show out to others,


That would be the best kind of thank you in the world!


Also make sure to subscribe so that you are made aware of new episodes that are available.  Soon there will be a special Mother’s Day show so don’t miss it!


Love you all and talk soon!

May 9, 2015


This week I wanted to share something that I did, something I know is going to make someone's day, especially mom...when she receives it.

It's also something that I know would be beneficial for you to do for someone and also beneficial for yourself.

It's a love letter. Yes, a love love letter. 

A love letter can be written to anyone you love, admire, or appreciate.  

Maybe you are going through a tough time with this person and need to take yourself back to when all was wonderful. You can begin to reminisce and remember why you have this person in your life. Maybe you just want to make someone feel good, or maybe you are feeling down and by doing this will bring your spirits back up.

You don't even have to give them this letter, but you will probably reap more benefits for yourself and of course the other person will if you do.

And remember, people love to get mail. It makes them feel special. So remember that If you intend on mailing it, like I'm going to do

Sort of a therapy you can call it. 

Now I love this idea but I cannot take credit for it.  I was listening to a podcast by Chalene Johnson and she does this often. So I downloaded the template, set some quiet time and got a writin'

Below is the template you can use and its quite simple and quick..To the point 

6 Step Love Letter Template:

1. Start with why you are writing this today.

2. List 1 quality that others may not see about this person and why it is important to you. romantic love letters between spouses or partners can include physical qualities or you can mention an important character trait.

3. List 1 thing you know is important to this person. List a specific example and why you admire or love it.

4.  Recall a time in the past where you can reference the qualities mentioned in #2 or #

5. Reference something about the future(together) that has you encouraged or excited to share with them.

6. Mention one very tiny, perhaps overlooked action or behavior that makes you smile and how it makes you feel

So did this spark any interest? Im curious. 

If you are going to do this exercise 
please hit reply and tell me!

In the mean time please o please share, review and rate so I can get info to others and help improve more lives

Grab it here at iTunes 

much love, 

May 8, 2015

10 Ways to Increase Your Energy


I know there are times in the day we experience a dip in energy but we can make it better!


I try to keep the show notes as simple  as possible for you so here is my quick list!:


  1. 1.reducing or eliminating caffeine
  2. 2.drink more water
  3. dark leafy green veggies
  4. 4.use gentle sweetness
  5. 5.get that butt moving
  6. 6.get more rest
  7. 7.evaluate the amount of animal foods you eat
  8. 8.take time for yourself
  9. 9.get in touch with your spiritual side
  10. 10.get rid of relationships that drain you, or set boundaries

I love to keep these notes simple for you cause you are a busy momma on the go but please if you likes go to the i tunes store and pop in a review and whatever star you think my show is.

Also visit my new website and check it out, leave a podcast idea for me, I would much appreciate it!!


thanks, laurenjean 





May 1, 2015

My favorite sweet growing up was chocolate. My favorite sweet now is Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with caramel and mocha. I notice that after I eat sugar I feel energized, then disoriented.”


My intention with this presentation is to permanently change your relationship with sugar.


What it will take is for you to be here 100% with the intention to permanently change your relationship with sugar?


I need you to listen and take part fully as if your life depends on it, because it does.


Your life will turn out completely differently when you are eating well and when you understand food because what we eat changes everything.”


Our food goes into our stomach and as it gets digested, it gets absorbed into our blood.


Our blood is what creates our cells, our tissues, our organs, even our thoughts.


We think differently when we eat meat than when we eat broccoli.


We feel differently when we drink coffee or alcohol or when we eat sugar.


So here's a chance to get a handle on what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those crazy, uncontrollable cravings and knowing that you can reduce them naturally over time.


Do you know a highly active child that seems to have an endless supply of energy? The behavior of these children can be frustrating and confusing. Parents may even fear that there is something “wrong” with their child. However, high levels of activity are typical of many children! Almost every child is very active in some circumstances, and some may fit this description more frequently than others.


Description: C:\Users\jenniferw\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\9218MFA5\MP900431788[1].jpgThese children do not necessarily have a disorder such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is also important to note that an inatten­tive child doesn’t necessarily have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which is similar to ADHD but without hyperactivity. In many cases, diet may be a major factor in highly active children.


Linking sugar and other ingredients with very active behavior in children is a theory which began in the early 1970s by Dr. Benjamin Feingold. Parents who perceived that their children become more active after consuming sugar-filled foods have since furthered this theory.


Five easy ways to reduce sugar consumption:

1.   Swap out sugar-covered cereals with an item that has five ingredients or less – and keep sugar fewer than 10g or less.

2.   When you pack a lunch – focus on whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.

3.   Replace sugary sport drinks, soda, and juices with naturally-sweetened water, teas, or milk.

4.   Skip the ice cream and serve icy snacks like homemade fruit sorbets and frozen bananas.

5.   Switch out candies, cookies, and cakes with wholesome snacks and fruits (apples with peanut butter, peaches and plain yogurt, whole wheat crackers and cheese etc.)


How you can calculate your sugar consumption?


One small cube of sugar is equal to four grams. Grab a box of cereal, a fruit juice, or a box of cookies from your refrigerator or pantry. Find the amount of sugar in grams in this item, and divide that number by four. The number you see is the amount of sugar cubes for just one serving of that item. Most often, we consume more than one serving and those sugar cubes quickly add up. This method will allow you to see exactly how much sugar you, or the small mouths you may feed, are consuming on a daily basis.


Want to learn more?

1.   Recipes for kids: Have fun with healthy eating. Mayo Clinic. 2013.

2.   The Feingold Overview. Feingold Association. 2013.

3.   Smart Snacking. The Nemours Foundation. 2013.

4.   Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. 2013.

Liquid Candy. Center for Science In The Public Interest. 


xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 24, 2015

Hey and welcome to 6 things you can do to MAGICALLY make more time in your day! 


I am so happy you are here! Thank you!  Please leave a review and rating to show your love and appreciation that would make me SOOOO happy!


Anyways, I like to make the notes simple and quick to read though because I know we all need more time….ahem, this weeks podcast J


So lets just get down to it!


1. Wake up an hour earlier and get the small things done (lunches, clothes out, shower before the rest of the house wakes up, workout, walk the dog)


2. Fit in 30 minutes of a workout each day. Choose something you enjoy and only something you enjoy otherwise it WON’T stick


3. Stop checking email all the time! 1-2 times per day (limit yourself so you are not consumed by the computer)


4. Put phone in another room or shut it off during work times or YOU times. (Just try it!)


5. Plan for the next day 3 things you want to accomplish and put it on a list. Our brain can only focus on 3 big or small and doesn’t it feel great to check or cross something off the list?




6. Prepare for the next day in the evening or before bed , making more time in the morning for other things. You can make more time for OTHER thing in the morning if you do this!


Thanks for being here with me, I APPRECIATE YOU!


Please share this show if you got awesome value out of it, I would love you even more!


Xoxo, laurenjean


Apr 17, 2015

Being a female can sometimes bring on the most uncomfortable, uneasy, feeling disgusting and down about yourself kinda days. Girls I think you understand what I am saying...


During these days a girl needs a few things to help her relax and chill. 


I am currently in this state of feeling icky right now and I know I cannot change how I feel but I KNOW that I can help myself relax in many ways.  


The first thing that I am drawn to when feeling overwhelmed and out of control of my feeling is turning to my friends. Without my friends I might just spend the day crying and then dealing with a headache for the rest of the evening.  I NEED my friends. Friendship is so vital. They provide support in many ways and each friend has a way of getting to you and helping you realize that this to shall pass.  In my case I know it will pass but hearing it from others reinforces it and instantly helps my state of mind.


The second thing that helps me is shutting off my phone and finding something to watch or read, getting productive around the house, or writing (which is the path I took today). Today I decided write this for you and to also watch Eat, Pray, Love. A total chick flick on finding yourself and learning how to be happy in your own body. My fall back when Im feeling sad or lost. A great quote used in the movie " The sweetness of doing nothing" She says this in Italian while in her small apartment in Italy. This is a great thought to have and should be used more often by us overproductive  ladies who can't seem to sit down and chill.


The third thing that help me is a warm cup of tea or coffee.  I usually go for a cup of tea but today dammit I wanted coffee, so I got out of the house and went to Starbucks and bought myself a giant mocha. Especially in this chilly weather a giant mocha did the trick.  It is both comforting and warming as it goes down my throat. No guilt here just peace.


When feeling like you just need a day for yourself, your body and mind is telling you something important.  If you try to accomplish something you will most likely fail and then feel even worse. So please just shut down and relax.  I have tried to get over these feelings and push through but in the end I do feel worse, like ive wasted a day.  I have learned to just use the above tips to get through and I do feel better eventually. 


Please share your tips below!!


thanks and xoxo, laurenjean


Apr 11, 2015

Hey Mommas!

Surprise! Glad you found this special episode!


Did you know that getting the whole family to eat the same thing doesn't have to be a TASK? 

Are you used to having someone not want what you are making... a kiddo? Yup, same here

Well, make it easy on yourself and FUN for the family!

Choose a protein and either pan cook it as a breaded chicken tender plain (no seasoning) or bake it with or without breading.

Next choose your veggie(s) and boil it or bake.

Then collect your families favorite seasonings, herbs, spices, dressings...whatever!

Let them make their own concoction and each person can have a different taste and choose what they want

Make the kids feel special because they can make their own meal.

This is both exciting for the kids anf EASY on you!


Let me know how this turns out!


xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 10, 2015

Welcome back! Below I have listed the ways I described in the show on how to make over your mood naturally. Originally I said 10 ways but I went way over that list and beyond! So here ya list that went on and on! 

I believe it to be super helpful so enjoy!



Make over your mood Naturally!


  1. v Getting a good nights sleep
  2. v Let the sun shine in
  3. v Play with furry friends
  4. v Make yourself smile
  5. v Eat more chocolate
  6. v Get Creative
  7. v Exercise regularly
  8. v Repaint a room or makeover a room
  9. v Human touch
  10. v Sing a song or dance around
  11. v Don’t overschedule
  12. v Change up your eating style
  13. v Take care of your health 
  14. v Avoid Alcohol
  15. v Maintain a Daily Routine
  16. v Telling people how you feel 



All of these if not a few of them will lift your day and make you feel confident which in turn will make you feel great. So go ahead and try a few, share your experience and post here!


Xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 6, 2015

Welcome to my surprise episode!  

I was super duper excited to be able to have a little extra time this week to be able to throw you this extra episode..


Perfectionism is something that haunted me for years and I truley believe it stole some of my prescious time that i could have been doing something else.


Please really think about how you are spending your time.  Is it productive in a good way or is it constantly picking something off the floor, doing task, or work that could be left for another time?


It's time to be mindful of how you use your time.  


Are you a perfectionist who is sabatoging her life???


xoxo, laurenjean

Apr 3, 2015

Juicing provides nutrients, vitamins, and raw enzymes that enter the blood stream immediatly and easy to digest

 It is the most efficient way to consume a RAINBOW of veggies in one simple shot!


The body can easily consume up to ten pounds of vegetables in juices, which would be very difficult to accomplish while eating vegetables with the fiber.


How amazing to be able to give your body this gift!




  • Better digestion and assimilation  
  • Weight loss and decreased belly bloat   
  • Supports detoxification  
  • Boosts immunity  
  • Improved sleep  
  • More energy  
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes  
  • Feeling happier and having more balanced moods  
  • Having a clearer mind and feeling more in tune with the universe


A juice detox can be done for any length of time, from half a day up to 10 days.


When done properly, it ensures you are getting adequate nutrients to support the regeneration of cells and organs, while giving the digestion a break and purging your body of toxic waste that can lead to health issues. 


By increasing the alkalinity of the blood, even just one juice a day is beneficial. Juicing is also a powerful way to replenish and hydrate the body – after exercising, to address health issues like exhaustion, or even during treatments such as chemotherapy. 


Personally I believe juicing has so many benefits and I love to juice as much as I can.


Although with the schedule of a working single momma that makes it really hard so I choose to sometimes make big batches enough for 2 days.


I find that if I fall off the wagon as most do it helps me get back into the groove and I set myself up for success once again.

Click here to grab my FREE 3 Day Juice Guide with Smoothie Support and enjoy!

Please comment below or shoot me an email at with questions.  I'd love to hear from you!


xoxo, laurenjean




Mar 27, 2015

Hey all!

Quick tip from me on the spot.. It just came to me as I was driving..

I never let anything get in my way, and maybe that's just my personality but I wanted to share with you how I do ALOT of things.

So many things may seem impossible but its all in your mind.  If something is worth it and you don't know how to go about it, you find a way.  

Talk to others, research, find a way to get it done.  You will feel amazing and accomplished and you will realize that life can be wonderful! 

If you could live life accomplishing your goals and dreams, how would you feel? What else would you do? Would anything stop you?


xoxo, laurenjean

Mar 24, 2015
Hey ya’ll! Welcome back! I am so delighted to have you here once again. This is officially the first episode and we will start by defining ourselves clearly so that you can be clear from the start and not have to try and figure it out later. I am going to have you REALLY think and write down(if thats an option for you at the moment) things about yourself that you are already aware of but that will help you grow and learn with BECAUSE they are about you. 
Sometimes it is helpful to us to make it clear by writing down things we already know, things that we can go over and over time and time again to reassure ourselves that YES this is ME!
Sometime we get lost in everyday life and forget what our true self actually is, so by writing it down, it helps the brain retain it better. For a lot of people they retain information best visually. I know I do and if you are a creative person, most likely this is you to.  But we all have different learning and remembering techniques so if you feel you can skip this, by all means do it!
So lets jump right in and re-discover ourselves!  Its going to be fun!  I want you to think and think clearly so i hope you slept well, and are feeling excellent!
SO….What do you love? What are some things about yourself that comes to mind when you are asked about yourself? What makes you….you?  
There are distinct things about a person that makes you POP, that makes your personality.  Something about you is different and this makes you feel special and unique.  
Think about it this way.. if you asked your friends how they would describe you to another…what would they say?
What are some things that you like? that you can’t live without? or perhaps it something physical that makes you unique? Something you say a lot, a word you use over and over again, or possessions you always have, and NO we are not talking about the iPhone you can’t part with, sorry!
I’ll start and give you some examples using myself… you’re gonna really get to know me today, and thats sorta the purpose! 
Ok so here goes, spilling my guts:
  • I am never seen without my purple water bottle 
  • I have purple hair(at the moment), also dye it black a lot  
  • Guess what,  i like purple! and essential oils!
  • I’m a doTerra wellness Advocate, the wild orange got me hooked its usually in my diffuser but at eh moment its cedar wood to give my space the spa type smell.. 
  • I have 4 tattoos and want another real soon, yet when i was in my early 20’s i despised the thought of them and hated that my bf at the time wanted one (it meant so much to him that i bought it for him for his birthday, cause it was imp to him) 
  • I love my yoga pants and sneakers and sports bras 
  • shopping i feel is ONLY necessary when i need something, and even then i have to motivate myself to go!  I’ve been known for going shopping with a purpose and coming home with a pair of sneakers, something i don’t need, OH and did i mention without the thing i went to buy? YEAH 
  • Don’t like handbags,shoes, or big labels and real bras annoy me (TMI? sorry!, oh well) 
  • I have 2 different personalities depending on my mood, calm relaxed, and super quiet and the other is loud and clear and you can hear me singing across a room(ask my co-workers) 
  • I love green day since the age of 12 and have been to 6 concerts of theirs 
  • im a foodie and have tried many ways of eating, including raw, raw/vegan, high protein, but never fad diets(don’t believe in them at all) still trying to find the best way for myself, and even then it  will forever be changing 
  • i dont’t do fast food and my daughter never has…. yet my first job was burger king at age 16 (go figure) 
  • im strongly opinionated but VERY easy going, i speak out only when necessary and just can’t hold it in.. 
  • I love the muppets, and rainbows, 
  •  i am determined, passionate, ambitious in all aspects of life and i don’t let anything stop me when I’m on a mission.
So….do you get it now?  Its sort of a quick scan of yourself, things that quickly come to mind, that again..make YOU YOU.
I want you to be super clear in what you write down, think about the smallest things that define you… do you have little quirks,? Write em down, pet peeves, or passions? Write em down!
So now that you have that list, really look at and a soak it in. I bet you didn’t know there were so many distinct things about yourself. 
there is so much you can look at and i bet you have passions you never knew you had until writing them down, Have you ever thought about taking a passion and doing more with it?  We’ll get into that at a later time in another episode..
So the whole purpose of todays episode is to get you to clearly define who you are by thinking about all the details about yourself. Putting them on paper and looking at them, studying them and seeing how you see yourself.  Is there more to you then you knew about? Is there something on that list that you are not happy with and want to work on? Remember you don’t have to like it all but you need to know that this is YOU!
I hope i got you to take some action today and put that mind to serious work, its the beginning of a long exciting journey!
so i hope you got to thinking in the episode and i hope you will continue to think and maybe even continue the list as the week goes by.  Ask others what they think defines you….the people you are close to and co-workers too. They may all say the same things OR they may surprise you with something you didn’t even think of!
So lets end it here, i hope you have wonderful rest of your day and keep on smiling, cause you’re gorgeous when you do!
xoxo, laurenjean
Mar 20, 2015


​​Hi Friends!  I am Lauren-Jean the mommas coach! Specifically single mommas who are struggling through everyday life but I of course believe all mommas could use a little help! 
I believe that Moms all over have the power within them to be strong, healthy, vibrant woment, to help support their families and live a life they are excited for. To wake up each day with a smile on their face!
I envision a world where moms are healthier, more free to do what they love, and can empower their kids to do the same because our kids are our future. <3
I am a STRONG believer in LOVE... Not falling in love, or loving your family but LOVING yourself and believing in yourself... Too many mommas leave themselves out of the picture. It's natural to want to help your kids out and do everything you can for them but kids are generally happy, creative, and will LOVE you no matter what!  What I am here for is to help you realize YOU are worth it and you can LOVE yourself without feeling guilty or thinking you don't deserve it because you do!
In this show i will focus on YOU getting to know yourself, in what make you happy, what makes you thrive, and what keeps you going.  Sorta place for self discovery, i'll say.  
Topics I am passionate about and believe can help you get to that HAPPY place are self-care and self-love, clean eating, self-development and empowerment, and so much more!  I will be conducting interviews with experts and moms as well once I get the hang of the podcasting thing :)
I want you to join out community and believe it to be a place of comfort, and freedom. A place to share your deepest secrets, dreams, and loves. What ever it may be to get you excited! 
So thank you for stopping in! I appreciate you! Please spread the word and subscribe to my new podcast!! I am so excited to be here and have you!
Leave your lovely comments below, i'd love to hear from you!
laurenjean themommascoach


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